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Trading robots forex for free

Trading robots are a programmed algorithm that allows you to automate the trading process based on theoretically win-win strategies and standard, generally accepted, and also on the contrary innovative, rules for entering the market. Otherwise, trading robots are called trading advisers for mt4. If you want to get a trading robot for free, just read the description and download it!

Types of forex trading robots.

All trading robots can be divided into several categories (there is no exact classification) - these are lint-free systems, advisors using indicators, arbitrage trading robots, auxiliary or semi-automatic trading systems.

The unarmed advisers usually use either martingale or a modified martingale, in general, the game. This kind of system is repulsed from the fact that the forex is a random variable and its forecast is impossible, therefore all the moves differ only in direction and rate, which increases with each loss. For example, advisers on averaging are very promising.

Common advisors using indicators. In each EA, the decision to open a position is made when one or more indicators coincide (more on indicators), the indicators may be different or the same indicator is viewed with different periods. This class is the most extensive. It is very often found in a combined version with no -indictor systems.

Arbitrage strategies are very difficult to describe and use. Now I will just say that this type of strategy plays on the difference of the rate between different DC on one instrument. For example, EURUSD in one DC may be very different in value from another and you can earn good money on it.